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Whether it’s a new foundation or repair work, Dan Frantz can get the job done. With our highly experienced professionals,
we can handle any project. Our professionalism and craftsmanship goes above and beyond your expectations.



A driveway is more than just concrete!

It is art canvas for your car or for some it may be a children's playground. At Dan Frantz Concrete, we understand how satisfying it can be to take every inch of your home's landscaping into consideration. To us, a driveway is more than just a concrete slab to park your vehicle on; it is an extension of your overall style and should be a testament to your good taste and refinement.

We offer many driveway styles, from the basics to stamped concrete.

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Is it time to replace your cracked walkway?

Cracks in concrete are a commonly caused by roots from nearby trees. At Dan Frantz Concrete will be happy to advise you about removing trees that are causing problems now or possibly in the future. When ready, we will build you a beautiful new sidewalk or walkway to add value to your property. If it is a replacement, we will design the walkway to match your existing concrete style.

We offer many sidewalk and walkway styles, from the basics to stamped concrete.

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Is the patio your outdoor entertainment arena?

Make your patio a place that people will naturally gravitate to when they want to spend time together, as with backyard parties and barbecues. Whether it's a new patio surrounding your sparkling pool or just something small for a backyard grill, we will work closely with you to determine the best layout for the space available.

We have access to all types of material and design elements including concrete, brick, stone, or slate to help create a beautiful backyard oasis for you and your family.


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Stamped Concrete

Concrete with Style!

Stamped concrete is the process of adding colors, patterns and textures to regular concrete at the time of pouring. The pattern is made by imprinting the newly poured concrete with concrete stamping mats. Stamped concrete is designed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile and even wood. Two-toned or antiqued finishes can be achieved with the use of color hardeners and release agents or the entire surface can be stained a solid color with advanced pigmented sealer.

Due to the wide array of options when it comes to concrete pattern, concrete colors, and the cost of stamped concrete in relation to the materials it is a substitute for, the choice of stamped concrete is becoming more popular and frequent. Stamped concrete can be used to beautify pool decks, driveways, entries, courtyards, and patios.

Stamped concrete can also be blended with other decorative concrete elements such as exposed aggregate finishes and acid-etch staining, along with a particular pattern, such as running bond brick, hexagonal tile, worn rock or stone. Concrete provides the perfect canvas for creating an economical replica of more expensive materials, and yet still maintaining a very natural, authentic look.

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The Slab: Have it built right the first time!

Whether you need a parking lot for your business, a slab for your new home or a basketball court to enjoy, a good concrete slab is imperative for your project.

Crushed rock foundation, suspended steel mesh for internal support, properly spaced control joints to prevent cracks and stress fractures - these are the building blocks of a stable and durable concrete slab. A level and well-compacted subgrade and a low water-to-concrete ratio will make your Dan Frantz Concrete slab a high quality slab.

Properly finishing your concrete project after it is poured is important to ensure your concrete slab will last for years to come. We take special care to make sure that the concrete we pour is properly cured before signing off on the project.

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Tear Out & Replace

Is it time to repair or replace your concrete structure?

In a home or business, very few things, if any, are maintenance free. Preventative maintenance, with all the time and money it consumes, is still a far more cost effective solution than the potential injuries and possible lawsuits waiting in the wings.

Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios and Interior Slabs and Walls Should Be Checked On A Regular Routine Basis For...


Any defects should be corrected immediately as should any uneven sections that can pose a Safety and Trip Hazard to pedestrians.

Perhaps you have a concrete structure on your property that isn't ready to be replaced but definitely needs repaired. Concrete patching and repair requires a knowledgeable contractor who can tell how the concrete was originally mixed and poured, and how best to repair it and and match it to the original structure.

Dan Frantz Concrete has handled many repair projects on a variety of different structures. Our extensive experience in mixing and pouring concrete for a variety of uses is at your disposal in choosing a contractor for your patching and repair needs.

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